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Skylanders Imaginators creation: FistFight by Operationgamer17 Skylanders Imaginators creation: FistFight :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 9 0 Klonoa: Corruption Logo by Operationgamer17 Klonoa: Corruption Logo :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 1 0 Klonoa: Corruption: Splitzon Spores by Operationgamer17 Klonoa: Corruption: Splitzon Spores :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 1 0 Klonoa: Corruption Klonoa Corruption stage 1 (25%) by Operationgamer17 Klonoa: Corruption Klonoa Corruption stage 1 (25%) :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 1 1 Klonoa: Corruption: Splitzon (liquid) by Operationgamer17 Klonoa: Corruption: Splitzon (liquid) :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 1 0 Klonoa: Corruption: Splitzon (Crystal) by Operationgamer17 Klonoa: Corruption: Splitzon (Crystal) :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 1 0 Klonoa: Corruption Character: Lord Hoot by Operationgamer17 Klonoa: Corruption Character: Lord Hoot :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 0 0 Klonoa: Corruption: Katty (Work in Progress) by Operationgamer17 Klonoa: Corruption: Katty (Work in Progress) :iconoperationgamer17:Operationgamer17 0 0


Super Smash Bros. Klonoa (C) by KlonoaausWinddorf Super Smash Bros. Klonoa (C) :iconklonoaauswinddorf:KlonoaausWinddorf 15 2 Klonoa Smashified (Fanmade) by JamiPurpleFlower Klonoa Smashified (Fanmade) :iconjamipurpleflower:JamiPurpleFlower 28 3
Sega vs Capcom: Dr. Eggman
Dr. Eggman: (Mike Pollock/Chikao Ohtsuka)
Now you know why I am the best there is. I am Dr Eggman, the greatest scientific genius that all these worlds have ever seen!
I can expect great things from you, *partner name*. It's a shame that you can't work for me on a regular basis.
All my machines are built for destruction. Soon all worlds will know of my empire. I will succeed and you will see that there is no retreat.
(vs Sonic) Ohohohohoho.~ Your luck's run out this time Sonic! There's no rings, emeralds, or friends to bail you out this time.
(vs Knuckles) Hah! You're still as gullible as usual! You fell right into that one! Now the Master Emerald is mine for the taking.
(vs Amy) As scary as she can be, I can't believe that I ever took this girl seriously. I can at least use her to lure out Sonic.
(vs Akira) A bit slow, but I would have never imagined that any human being could leave a mark on me. You're stronger than I had realized.
(vs Sarah) While I don't do business with J6, I'll b
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 25 16
Klonoa Movie Outfit MMD Wip by ANGELCATZRULE Klonoa Movie Outfit MMD Wip :iconangelcatzrule:ANGELCATZRULE 16 9 Klonoa by bega Klonoa :iconbega:bega 210 46 Tenebrae Hue by KenjiDraco Tenebrae Hue :iconkenjidraco:KenjiDraco 5 0
Sega vs Capcom: Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine: (Patricia Ja Lee/Atsuko Yuya)
Somehow I'm still alive after that last one. This could be our last chance to escape from all this.
Those were some pretty slick moves back there, but you're just not good enough against me.
Seems you took a beating, *partner name*. I have some herbs that I can offer you, but we need to conserve our resources as much as possible.
(vs Sonic) Way too hasty and reckless, but for some reason I think I can trust you. You remind me of my partner for some reason.
(vs Knuckles) Chris makes good use of the tactic, but sometimes barging in fist first isn't the best option. It leaves you wide open if you miss.
(vs Amy) With this girl chasing that Sonic so much, you would think that she's after his brain rather than his heart.
(vs Akira) I may not be as strong as you, but I can at least hold my own. I'm seeing this through to the very end.
(vs Sarah) Are you even in control of your actions? I know that feeling all too well. You have my sympathies.
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 19 15
Sega vs Capcom: Felicia
Felicia: (Caitlen Glass/Kana Asumi)
Myah! Please help me, *partner name*! Oops, everyone's unconscious already. Never mind everything's fine here.
Oh no, they're all sleeping now. Ah well, I'll just leave these flyers for my show here and hope they're still interested.
Hope I've shown you guys that it isn't very nice to be rude to a lady! Next time, I'll get rough on you guys!
Think I went a bit overboard on them. Their faces seem to be bleeding from the nose. For some reason that seems to happen a lot around me.
That was a great performance, *partner name*. Any chance you could make a guest appearance on stage with me?
If you want to reach out for your dreams, then you can't let every bad day let you down. Just like right now for example.
People will come and see me if I put a brilliant show up on stage. I'm not a bad dancer either.
Nyah, that last one tired me out a bit. Just let me curl up here a minute so I can get a quick cat nap.
(vs Sonic) Nope, can't say that I got the spinning
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 16 22
Sega vs Capcom: Amaterasu
Amaterasu: (N/A)
How about showing some gratitude, *partner name*? Show Ammy some support, because the sun's not going to rise on its own!
Nice one, furrball! That's another victory for us! Now let's hear another one of those famous howls!
Bet you know not to think of Ammy as just another doggy. You're looking at a full-fledged goddess!
(vs Sonic) So you're friends with a fox that has more than one tail!? Hey…uh…I would be kind of wary around that guy.
(vs Knuckles) This mutt looking guy is prone to jumping in rather than think things through. Guess he has that much in common with Oki.
(vs Amy) Got yourself a "lucky mallet", huh? At least it didn't shrink Ammy down to my size when she was hit.
(vs Akira) This guy's about as tough as Onigiri Sensei and definitely reinforces that self improvement stuff.
(vs Sarah) I spy me yet another deep valley between two lofty peaks. Seriously, this girl's stacked!
(vs Jacky) Handcuffing the lightning is no big deal. Ammy can control fire,
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 25 23
Sega vs Capcom: Vergil
Vergil: (Daniel Southworth/Hiroaki Hirata)
You had no idea who you were up against. Be lucky that you're alive and hopefully you're smart enough not to challenge me again.
Do you still choose to follow me, *partner name*? Very well. Proceed at your own volition.
Are you motivated now? You should have taken this fight seriously from the very beginning.
(vs Sonic) Don't get some ahead of yourself. Speed like this means nothing to me. My blade will find its mark one way or another.
(vs Knuckles) The guardian treads far from what he intends to protect. Strayed from your responsibilities?
(vs Amy) You come here in the pursuit of trivial things such as love, unprepared for the battle that awaited you.
(vs Akira) Since you are so eager to battle, I shall face you at my full strength. Hold nothing back!
(vs Sarah) Your kicking power is nothing to scoff at. However, Beowulf can easily turn the tables.
(vs Jacky) Pompous fool. The only things you're good for are defending and talking. Nothing el
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 21 11
Sega vs Capcom: Dark Sonic
Dark Sonic: (Roger Craig Smith/Junichi Kanemaru)
You want to know what I want? Chaos, pure and simple. Let's get started on that.
So soon and you're already begging me to let up on you! If you can't handle a little power than just lay there!
Slow and weak! Is this really all there is? I'm not going to have any fun if I don't have anyone that can hack it!
Shall I put you out of my misery? Punks like you shouldn't have ticked me off!
Hey, *partner name*. Forget about junk like good and freedom! All that matters is power and how you use it!
(vs Sonic) I've had enough of fakers like you! Everything about that calm and easy-going personality just riles me up!
(vs Knuckles) You fell down just like that? Lame! You've really devolved into a walking punchline!
(vs Amy) Have I ever told you how ridiculously annoying you are? If you can't keep up then get lost!
(vs Akira) I've got your "true strength" right here, slow-mo! That's what you get for lecturing me!
(vs Jacky) Faster than lightning, my
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 31 32
Best Friends by Usabbadae Best Friends :iconusabbadae:Usabbadae 45 3 Old Video Games - Spyro The dragon by Sanpondera Old Video Games - Spyro The dragon :iconsanpondera:Sanpondera 135 15 Klonoa by Tale-Dude Klonoa :icontale-dude:Tale-Dude 164 18 HE LIVES AGAIN! by Amphleur-de-Lys HE LIVES AGAIN! :iconamphleur-de-lys:Amphleur-de-Lys 102 7 Klonoa - Movie Outfit - Custom 3D Model by OrdoMandalore Klonoa - Movie Outfit - Custom 3D Model :iconordomandalore:OrdoMandalore 16 10




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